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Hole in between front bottom teeth?


Anxiety Riddled

Feb 13, 2024
I have no pain, just discomfort in my two front bottom teeth. I unfortunately let plaque build up in the spot because it’s become very sensitive and uncomfortable when I try to remove it. By discomfort I mean it feels loose (but I don’t think it truly is.. I think my mind is just telling me that). I’m very hyper focused when it comes to my teeth due to my anxiety. To me it looks like a hole. It’s a dark spot between the teeth in the middle. I haven’t been to the dentist in years and I’m terrified. What could this be? I’m assuming probably a cavity. What is usually done to fix this type of issue?
It's unusual to get cavities in that area, because those teeth are pretty constantly soaked in saliva. It's more likely a build up of calculus (tartar). If it's a cavity then it'll need filled and if it's calculus it needs removing.
Thank you for your response. Just a follow up question, can tartar build up cause the teeth to be sensitive to the touch?
Yes, quite possibly. A photo would be helpful if you want a better answer.