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honestly, how often do you brush/floss?



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I have night terrors if I brush my teeth at night from a traumatic event that happened when I was little. I only really floss when I remember to or when something is stuck in between my teeth.

I only brush in the morning -- and that's if i'm doing something. if im not working or going anywhere, i wont brush my teeth.

my dentist has never said anything about me not brushing my teeth enough, and im too embarassed to tell him about my night terrors.

i was just wondering how exactly important it is to brush\floss twice a day....

also wondering if Im the only one with various aversions to brushing
I always brush and floss at night (and I brush my dog's teeth too at night). As for any other time during the day, that's a crap shoot. I often don't eat breakfast. If I do, it's hours after I got up, and once I've left the house. Or I take it as I leave the house. It doesn't make for convenient brushing. If I come home during the day, the I do if I remember. No dentist have ever mentioned to me that I don't brush enough or anything like that.
I have heard that flossing is more important than brushing. Since brushing is traumatic for you, I'd say floss every day and brush too in the mornings when you can handle it.

As far as floss is concerned, I suggest the Floss Picks like the ones from Dentek. I find them so much easier to use than floss that comes on a roll.

I floss and brush daily now. But, but I didn't up until the past few years. I only started after my teeth got in really bad shape and I regretted not taking care of them as well as I should have. Believe me, I understand having anxiety, but I also understand the bad things that can happen when you avoid taking care of your teeth. So, take care of your teeth the best you can.
I brush mine at night and after shaving in the morning. Only floss if I have or suspect something stuck. Dentures get brushed twice a day too, and left in Steradent overnight, in fact they get treated better than my real teeth !
whenever i do floss, my teeth instantly become sore like ive been putting significant stress on them. why is that?
If you don't floss regularly, flossing will probably cause you pain. I also have a water pik. When I first got it, even on the low setting, it made my gums bleed in some spots. It did again when I switched to higher pressure. It didn't anymore after a few days.
my gums arent whats hurting, its my teeth. they feel similar to how they feel after im stressed and clench my jaw for a long time