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Horizontal Impacted Wisdom Tooth -- Bone Removal?



Sep 22, 2010
One of my lower wisdom teeth is horizontally impacted, but its crown is almost fully erupted behind my second molar. I can see the whole crown of the tooth except for the very bottom as it's not down in the jawbone, but sort of just laying on top of it. There's nothing besides gum tissue covering the crown and sides, but this one costs $55 more than the others which are normally erupted. He didn't say what type of impaction it was, except for the fact that this one would be a little swollen afterward compared to the other fully erupted teeth.

Without the xray, is there any way to tell if bone removal is necessary for this type of tooth, or if it will just require cutting of the gum? I planned to ask him but I chickened out while I was there and now I'm very curious. He's very busy and I hate to call and bother him during the work day, and I'm also afraid to find out the day of my surgery since I can't take a sedative beforehand.

If there's no way to tell, then I'll just have to suck it up and call. Thanks :)
No way to tell from here, sorry.