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Horizontal root fracture



Junior member
Aug 30, 2021
After a year of being in pain. Going back and forth to many dentists. Developing the worst anxiety due to doing so many treatments. A mid horizontal root fracture has been spotted on one of my roots ( molar). Regards to pain, at times it’s a 4 then it’s so extreme I can’t mentally cope. Always been reactive to cold air, hot drinks and sugar but feels like pain from the jaw bone not tooth. I can feel the root moving under the tooth also. I never had so much pain on bite which seems to confuse dentists (only moving side to side). No sign of infection on x ray either. My teeth are also shifting away from this tooth and moving forward which are sore. I feel dentists are reluctant to extract this tooth (I’ve had a root canal on this tooth already). I feel they just want to monitor me. I’m very down. Would a cracked/fractured tooth root not cause much pain?

Thank you for your help
Unusual place to get a root fracture. Pain is very individual, if it's causing you that much distress then the tooth probably needs to be gone. Sorry.