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Horizontal wisdom teeth



Junior member
Jun 5, 2023
Nevada, USA
I'm needing to get the bottom 2 horizontal totally impacted wisdoms out. The doctor said the recovery will be worse than the surgery and expect it to last 4-5 days at 40 years old.
Will I have trouble swallowing? That's my largest fear. Thank you
Hey jenarloa,

wow, your dentist doesn't sound very reassuring, do they? My first thought was how can they know how your body will recover.. :unsure: They may have rather given you some advice on aftercare instead.. But you should be able to swallow, it's just that eating may not be as much fun for a couple of days.
You won’t have trouble swallowing. Your doctor was probably trying to reassure you that the surgery wouldn’t be that bad, but kind of made it sound like it would be an awful recovery. My daughter just had all four impacted wisdom teeth out on Monday. Hers were sideways on the bottom. I had mine out years ago as well and mine were also sideways and impacted.
The recovery is hard only in that your cheeks swell up and it is uncomfortable to eat sometimes. Pain medicine helps manage pain and it is not terrible. The swelling is not in your throat, so swallowing is fine. It took me about a week to feel fairly normal (with all four out) and my daughter had hers out Monday and was eating very tender beef yesterday. She stopped taking all pain medication yesterday as well.
Thank you both! I got them Out today. My throat does hurt on one side, swallowing is tender there, but do able. Interesting enough the pain is on the side that had the least issues going in.