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Horrible experience, never wanna go back



Junior member
Nov 2, 2022
Bit of background: I have horribly crooked teeth, like the worst you can think off. I started my journey at 17 but couldn’t bring myself to get into the building until I was 18. I spent the past 2 years going into the dentist every few days weeks/months (depending on how many appointments they have) getting filling. I had my back right molar removed and afterwards I had the most intense jaw pain. I literally could open my mouth, it took months to regain full mobility of my jaw. And then pretty much as soon as I “healed” I had the same tooth on the other side taken out. Well I say taken out but we didn’t even get that far. The dentist injected all the numbing stuff she could yet every time she tried to wiggle the tooth I felt the worst jaw pain of my entire life. I was literally in tears, a chunk of tooth crumbled so I’m left with half a tooth that hurts like hell. After the appointment I was in excruciating pain with my jaw. She believes that my face was in spasm and prescribed my diazepam 2x a day which did help a bit. It’s probably the worth saying that I am awaiting a diagnosis of ehlers danlos syndrome which I have no doubt is playing a part. I think she wants me to have the rest of the teeth out under general anaesthetic, which is terrifying to me. The pain from having one tooth out of was unbearable, let alone 5(!!!!!). I’m so tired. So tired
I am so sorry you have had such a horrible experience. You are so strong. Don't give up. I didn't know what ehlers danlos was so I had to look it up. It sounds like that's a really hard condition on it's own. Ask your doctor what they think would make the dental procedures less painful. Surely they have something to help?
Hi @Crookedhoney, that sounds truly awful, I'm so sorry! I wasn't sure from your post, but are you under the care of the community dental team? (you mentioned being offered general anaesthesia)
Hi @Crookedhoney, that sounds truly awful, I'm so sorry! I wasn't sure from your post, but are you under the care of the community dental team? (you mentioned being offered general anaesthesia)
Yes I have a special care dentist, GA would be done at the local hospital
Hi @Crookedhoney!

That experience does sound truly awful. I’m so sorry that happened to you. I really hope you get a diagnosis and that can help with future dental visits.

I recently underwent four extractions and a few restorations under general anaesthetic. It was done at my dentist’s office actually and not a hospital! It can be very scary, but sometimes it can be the best option. For me, I was too traumatized to get my extractions done otherwise. And it was fine. The only part that made me panic was when they went to put a mask thing on my face for me to inhale some gas to make me calmer, and in that case, they were able to hold it not directly on my face so I wouldn’t panic.

If you have any specific questions about GA, I’d be happy to answer them if I can! But please know you have our support here, no matter what you decide to do :grouphug:
So sorry this is happening to you, that sounds like a horrible situation to be in :(.

Maybe with an experienced oral surgeon (who hopefully has a fair amount of experience with this condition) doing it in the hospital, it might be easier on your jaw? I don't really know enough about Ehlers-Danlos syndrome to comment... maybe you could discuss your past experience with the oral surgeon and see what they suggest re. avoiding a similar situation, as @mariyam suggested?