Horrific anxiety over going back to the dentist



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Sep 21, 2020
Hello, I’ve been reading posts for an hour and they’ve been helpful already! I’m incredibly ashamed and embarrassed because I’m only 21 and shouldn’t have issues with my teeth. I’ve always had weaker teeth but since I was 16 I’ve had horrible depression, anxiety and bulimia. Resulting in damage and lack of care for my teeth. I last went to the dentist when I was 18, but my teeth are ruined. At face value they look OK, but some of my back teeth have started to chip away, have tartar and one of my teeth are loose. It’s been loose for as long as I can remember though and feels like it changes in looseness (?) regularly... I am so ashamed and I would honestly rather take my life than go to the dentist. I’ve been so scared it’s caused me to harm myself, I’m so embarrassed that I’m only 21 and my bulimia in particular has ruined them. I’m also worried I can’t afford the work, I’m a university student so I don’t know if that makes a difference. But now my back teeth are starting to ache (my wisdom teeth are also only half way through) but I know I’ll have decay. I get such bad panic attacks I will pass out and I know it will happen at the dentist. I’m just so scared and don’t want to tell my family and friends.


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Jul 26, 2017
Hello hannahj99

:welcome: We are so glad you are here and that reading is helpful . You are definately not alone in your struggles. Its alot to think about , embarassement, shame , financial stresses, fears, and tooth aches.. It is really hard to tell people too as , some don't understand or minimize, and people have their own ways and experiences they go off of.

Do you have a dentist you are thinking of going to? We do have the section on here, for recommendations to some awesome anxious friendly dentists who would take their time and be very compassionate.. If you haven't already would definately recommend checking them out!

Take one step at a time. You've just taken a huge step talking about it with people who understand. I may not know what its like w Bulimia but get the anxiety 100, and we all struggle in a litle different ways but we are here for you to help process all this! :grouphug:


Aug 14, 2020
If you can find a dentist who offers sedation, it might really help with your anxiety, it helped mine. Most of the dentists in the Portman Dental Group offer this, as do many of the Bupa ones.