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Horrific extraction, now bad pain



Junior member
Aug 30, 2018
Background I had a root canal in my lower left molar about two years ago.

I stupidly cracked a boiled sweet on that side of my mouth which caused both the upper and lower teeth to hurt briefly.

Went to dentist and said I had split the root canal tooth but top teeth looked ok.

While waiting for treatment my lower and upper jaws began to throb. Infection set in, off to the dentist I go. So yesterday I had the lower root canal out a horrific experience taking close to an hour to get out.

I am now having a sleepless night due to discomfort, only thing is it's my top teeth especially the back molar which feel like they have been put in a vice.

This tooth was hurting before I went for the extraction dentist thought referred pain. But why is this worse.

No antibiotics were issued and I am petrified I might loose another tooth. Should my top teeth really ache after a lower extraction. Help


Super Moderator
Staff member
Sep 18, 2017
I'm not a dentist and I understand that you are having a lot of anxiety now, but the wisest thing would be to go back to your dentist and have it checked. Having a sleepless night because of pain doesn't sound not normal. It doesn't have to mean that you will lose the upper tooth, maybe you just need some medication.