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Housebound but need urgent dental care



Nov 28, 2015
Hey guys I'm new here and have a few things I need advice on

I'm a 28 year old from Oxford, England and suffer from really bad dental phobia I had a abusive rude harsh dentist when I was a teenager

But in last 7 years due to medicines I'm on for acid and depression not to mention acid reflux disease my teeth have decayed quiet a bit my fear of being numb or having a numb throat caused me to end up having abscess after abscess I also ain't a fan of medications so I usually avoid paracetamols for anything that isn't a 7/10 pain or higher so I have suffered pain for years.

But after a lot of things happening i developed agoraphobia and worse anxiety resulting in me not leaving my house part of the reason is my teeth it's ruined my confidence and self esteem I learned to talk different and smile different to hide my teeth and mumble and never speak clearly

I've had to deal with a abscesses by just antibiotics as I don't leave my house and part of my treatment to take care of my teeth involves me using objects like scissors to stick into the huge cavities I have to make sure I don't get infections as food gets trapped there

Infact one tooth I had try and dig out myself using scissors and it's quite barbaric to be honest it's 2015 yet people like me have to suffer silently who are housebound

I have spoken to my MP and the House of Commons and my local NHS about the poor quality of home are dentists can do due to obvious reasons with safety and equipment but I think we should look towards advancing ourselves to treat the housebound and elderly so I'm activitly protesting and fighting on this front

In mean time I need urgent dental care my top front 6 teeth canine to canine need roots taken out while the teeth each side of canines need fillings bottom front 3 are decayed and need be pulled aswell I'm sure home visit dentists can sort these easy once I can find one that is!!!!

The problem is my top left wisdom and beside it twinges on and off for few days every few weeks while bottom far right both need be extracted asap and cause major issue including food getting stuck

My anxiety is getting worse day by day worrying and obsessing over my teeth I'm scared my teeth will cause serious illness aswell

I'm on antibiotics with a peanut size lump below my gum line on bottom right side which isn't going after 2 day of antibiotics I know I'm have get these teeth sorted sooner rather then later

I been slowly starting go out to practise but the fact this lump is going is worrying me that I'm have be forced to have teeth taken out before I can even walk outside properly

I just dunno what to do anymore, can home dentists even extract molars?

I been offered to go to hospital and be put to sleep with I refused I need to have my teeth out while awake and aware if I'm ever going beat this phobia

I'm extremely fearful of being numb and idea of numb tongue or throat or inside of mouth I don't actually mind much inside mouth injection i can't stand idea of it

Is there anyway I can get a home dentist or even regular dentist who can understand I'm very anxious and reclusive person and need to take little tiny steps

I know my anxiety quiet well and I know that if I keep getting numbed by injection I'll slowly stop panicking of thinking about it or caring I'm need a dentist who don't mind numbing me now and again during visits so I become used to it and can relax slowly

The only other fear I have is the pain I be in afterwards and what it will be like as I'm not pill person and I've experienced lots of abscesses that made me have black eye the lot so my experience of dental pain makes me worry it be constant horrible pain for few days

Sadly due to acid reflux and asthma I can't even lay on my back so that's another huge problem for dentist

I just wish I could get a home dentist to do the job and hold my hand so to step with every step to getting them extracted :(

Hi :welcome: to the forum.

I know there are dentists that can come to your home but I don't know how you can get one and they are limited in what they can do. I would think that they would prefer to take an x ray to see what is happening under the gums as well as having a look.

I don't know for sure but I would think that they could remove teeth at your home as they would be able to inject you the same.

I am sorry that I cannot be of much help to you as I wouldn't know where to start finding a dentist that does home visits. Antibiotics won't cure your abscesses they will only calm things down for treatment to be given.

Some dentists will arrange appointments first thing or last thing so that if you could manage to get to the dentist office you wouldn't have to come in contact with a lot of people. I know just meeting people isn't the whole of your problem. I really hope you can find a way to get some treatment soon.

When you do you shouldn't be in any pain after by the way you may feel a bit stiff and maybe a bit sore but not everyone does. I had a tooth out a few months ago and felt nothing after. :butterfly:
Honestly what you need is to be treated for your agoraphobia and anxiety. This is no way to live especially at such a young age.