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How am I going to cope when I have to lose another tooth?



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Jul 11, 2019
I'm pretty sure the wisdom tooth next to the molar I just had removed needs to be taken out and I know I'm jumping the gun but I really wanted to keep the now-extracted tooth because I don't want to be missing two teeth in a row!

But the filling on the wisdom tooth sucks. It hasn't settled in two years, it's sensitive to hot and cold (I think that's a bit better after the extraction) and it's the reason I won't use metal cutlery. Right now it aches. When I try to brush it, it gets worse.

I hope it dies down, but... I was already told I should have it taken out if it causes so much distress. I don't know how I can possibly face another extraction, and if I did I'm worried about an indent.

The current extraction site has exposed bone which I'm not sure is very good but the pain I'm feeling is in the wisdom tooth, up my jaw, and into my ear. Will it go away? Will this ordeal ever be over? I'm so upset whenever I think about my teeth and the constant pain means I'm constantly thinking about them ?
I hope the pain calms down for you soon, if things get worse you should contact the dentist. It's difficult but try to give yourself a chance to heal and take things easy. Also give yourself some kudos for going through with the treatment.

Maybe I missed this in another thread but was extraction they only option they gave you for the wisdom tooth, would having a root canal/crown be an alternative?
I can relate. I have had 3 molars extracted since last year. Every time one gets pulled, another one acts up. Root canals don't work on me, as they just fail, so I jumpt straight to extraction. Right now, I have two more molars hurting but am terrified to have work done, as every little thing seems to lead to extraction!

As far as you getting a molar or wisdom tooth extracted and it leaving an indention (I am assuming you mean in your jaw/face), that isn't likely. I had all four wisdom teeth, plus four premolars out as a kid for orthodontics. I was worried about my jaw bone after losing my 2nd molars, and my dentist and oral surgeon said major changes like jaw shape usually happen when you are missing all molars, not just 2nd molars, and that people cam easily live with just 1st molars without anyone being able to tell.
I am getting my 1st molars replaced with implants, as I have to have something to be able to eat. My upper 2nd molar is not going to be replaced.
Not much was discussed about the wisdom tooth as I was happier just putting up with the bad things than facing an extraction... And then I had to face it all for the tooth next to it. I hadn't actually thought to ask, so I'll see if I can on Tuesday when they check the extraction but it already has a deep filling and a long history of causing trouble.

Thank you for the reassurance about the appearance after extraction. I'm sorry your teeth are like dominoes - one thing after another is so hard ?
I have both lower molars missing on the left, one on the right - like Mountain Mama I also had four pre-molars extracted as a child for orthodontic reasons. I do have three of my four wisdom teeth (both lower and one upper).

I have two little flexible partial dentures, one on each side, but I only really wear one - both just replace the missing teeth rather than being a “plate” that goes right round. I actually had the gaps for about ten years with the exception of the second molar on the left which came out in 2017 - my teeth have never shifted, my face has absolutely not become sunken, and I have never had any problems with eating. The gaps were only ever visible if I yawned very widely without covering my mouth, and people were shocked if I ever mentioned the missing teeth.

In my case both lower first molars were root canalled, but constantly became infected - they were done many years ago while I was at uni (now mid-40s), and obviously not done brilliantly. When that dentist retired his replacement was horrified I had had constant pain and infection, and recommended extraction. At that point implants were a very new thing here, and my dentist said I would have no problems and didn’t recommend any replacement.

The tooth that was extracted in 2017 had a large filling which I broke with bruxism/clenching, was re-done, didn’t settle, had root canal, but still never settled - at the time my partner wasn’t working and I just couldn’t afford a referral to a specialist. I really grieved that tooth, particularly because I knew if I had had a spare £1,000 it could probably have been saved. But it was SO angry and painful, and causing all my lower teeth (which were all virgin teeth) to hurt with referred pain, that extraction seemed the best option in the circumstances.

I understand feeling upset and constantly thinking about teeth! I never used to think about mine beyond brushing/flossing, and six-monthly checks. 2017 was a bad year for me - I developed bruxism because of stress when my partner was made redundant, lost the lower molar, and also had to have my upper wisdom tooth extracted. Since then I have been obsessed with my teeth!