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How bad is this gum recession?



Junior member
Mar 20, 2014
Have added a picture below!

I am kicking myself. I am 27 and have been ignoring the bleeding gums in my mouth for about a year. I have a fixed retainer on the back of my teeth, which has obviously stopped working.

I went to the dentist last week. He said my teeth were fine but that I should remove my brace. I have an appointment to get it removed next week, and will be visiting a hygenist the day after.

He did not mention the receeding gum line, which I did not spot until a few days ago.

Since then, I have been flossing, and using corsodyl and and the only bleeding in my gums is all around that one receeding gum line. That is slowly improving. The gap between my tooth and gum seems quite large.

Do you think this damage is reversible? Will I lose my tooth? I am prepared to have a gum graft if necessary.

I am freaking out!


Thank you so much in advance for your advice!
I have the same problem and dont worry about it at all. If you are doing well with hygiene it should be ok. Your gums look ok to me. I have seen photos of gums swollen and really red. I think yours look healthy and with careful attention they can get stronger.
Thank you for your reply! The pocket around the receeding tooth is very red which worries me but the other gums seem healthy. Thank you again.
Why not ask your dentist or hygienist?
not too bad. go to hygienist to get it fixed before it gets worse
Thank you for your reply. I am going on Wednesday and will let you know!
It appears that you have a lack of attached tissue which requires a tissue graft for repair.
Thank you. How urgent is this procedure? How serious is it? Will I lose my teeth?
not urgent, no need to lose a tooth and surgery is a permenent fix