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How can a hidden wisdom tooth cause tooth sensitivity?



Jan 22, 2010
Hi, I have a wisdom tooth that is still under the gum. It started causing me pain a while ago and the dentist told me it was because it had come out the jaw but was not yet through the gum. The gum was shallow over the top of it and it was literally impact pain on the soft tissue when I chewed something over the area. No part of the tooth is through the gum.

At the same time I was getting shooting pains at the front of my mouth and a hot sore cheek. My dentist told me this was because my sinuses were inflamed from a cold and it was pressing on the nerve because the wisdom tooth and the sinus cavity were very close. He said that would settle down and it did. However the impact pain has continued to be an issue until it took a turn for the worse recently.

Recently the gum/adjacent tooth area where the wisdom tooth is has started reacting to hot and cold and I am mystified by this. I get quite sharp and uncomfortable pain flooding over the area when anything not blood temperature touches it. As the tooth is still under the gum this can't be a decay issue and the only tooth nearby is root canalled and crowned so it can't be that either.

Does anyone have any idea how a hidden wisdom tooth could be causing sensitivity pain? The only other thing I'll mention is my sinuses seem a bit blocked as they stuff up during the night and I can hear/feel them ticking as they drain in the morning when I get up. So I did wonder if this was related to the sinuses again.

Anyone have any idea what might be happening here, or anything I could do to ease the pain?

Many thanks!

P.S. A possibly important point I should mention is my cheek itches almost incessantly over the cheek bone, assumably over the sinuses - or maybe not! Either way, it's related and feels like inflammation/irritation/infection, but I fail to see what could be infected here. Any insights most gratefully accepted.
Sinus pain is usually related to a more constant pain and not to a sharp pain, which seems to be what you are describing. There is a possibility that the pain is a referred pain from somewhere else. Is it possible that the pain you are feeling would be from your gum?

You might want to see your dentist to verify that nothing is wrong. If he still thinks that you have sinus issues, you might want to see your general doctor or an ENT doctor.