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How do I find a dentist in the UK (South East) that does gas and air?



Junior member
Jul 28, 2021
East Sussex
I know gas and air works for me but can't find anyone who will treat me using it
Hi Farm8031, my first idea would be to google and check the practices in your area. You may be able to see on their website whether they offer gas or not. Googling dentists for nervous patients specifically may help as well, as many dentists with special interest in treating nervous patients offer gas. If this information is not on their website, an email or a call may help.

When you say you can't find anyone who will treat you using it, do you mean that the practices you contacted do not take new patients or they do and have air, but saw a problem in using it for your treatment?
Thanks Enarete

I have Googled. Most do IV sedation. I do not want this. I have only found one within 50 miles of me that does air and gas. I would have to be referred to them and they insist I would have to be collected by a responsible adult. This is ridiculous. As soon as one stops breathing in the air and gas it ceases to have have an effect. Previously I just walked around for 20 minutes before driving home. I know air and gas works for me and that is what I'm trying to find. I do not want to be given IV sedation or to be reliant on one someone else collecting me when it isn't necessary. I may have to travel to London - although I'd rather not. That is why I posted here - to try to find gas and air in Sussex/Surrey/West Kent
Hi Farm8031, you could email the distributors of inhalation sedation equipment in the UK, for example Ai Health Care or RA Medical and ask who is offering nitrous oxide sedation in your area.

Which search terms did you use? The reason I'm asking is that gas and air refers to Entonox (50% nitrous, 50% oxygen), which is not what dentists normally use. "Inhalation sedation", "nitrous oxide" and occasionally "happy air" would be more commonly used on dental websites.

Of course, just because a dentist offers nitrous oxide doesn't necessarily mean they're the right person for you. We've got some pages here with tips for finding the right dentist:

If you can't find anyone, I could also ask on a Facebook group for dentists for recommendations?
Thank you. This is really helpful.

I'll try these websites, with correct terminology and good idea re suppliers
Good luck ?! Let us know if you need any further help with finding someone!
I have now found 3 practices who do this. One insists that you are collected afterwards. This is what I'm trying to avoid. As the effects wear off very quickly I want to wait 20 mins then drive as I always used to. I really don't want to be dependent on getting someone to come with me.
The other two are both not doing it at present (Covid) but hope to start again in September. It sounds as if they use someone who comes in just to do sedation.
The question is how low long before I get toothache? I'm going to wait as long as I can then if it's bad I'll have to have IV after all.

Anyway, hopefully I'll get something in place for the future. Thanks for help.