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How do I overcome the fear?



Junior member
Sep 7, 2020

im 26 years old and havent been to a dentist in years due to the fear of it I hate any pain to do with my teeth which ironically because I haven’t been in so long Sometimes occurs. I currently have 3 teeth that are damaged (1 chipped, 1 broke and a small hole in one) and I know I need them fixed as they sometimes cause problems but the thought of being in the chair feeling the pain makes my skin crawl aswell as the fear of how much it would cost as I have no idea. Can I go in and get one thing done at a time? Is there any anesthesia that will take away the pain during? I just need to be put at ease before seeing a dentist face to face. Any advice is great

thank you


Super Moderator
Staff member
Sep 18, 2017
Hi Adamb94 :welcome:,

it sounds like you must have had some painful experiences at the dentist in the past. I may be hard to believe, but nowadays there are indeed options to make the treatment painless and comfortable and doing so is a dentist's firs priority before any treatment begins. You can read more about about it here:

When it comes to your fear of costs, the best first step is to get an exam. Your dentist will then be able to let you know which treatment you need and help you to find a good financial solution, such as doing the most urgent thing first and spread the rest in a way that allows you to deal with the cost.