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How does it feel to have wisdoms out w/local only?



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I have read alot of your faqs on Wisdom teeth. But I have a different kind of dilema here. I'm having mine out on July 14th. And I've been refered by my dentist. But what is odd is they don't give any form of sedation or anestitic other than Lidocane.

So, Im having all mine out with just shots. What Im worried about is what it's going to feel like. It would be nice to have a dentist tell the the whole precedure. What tools you use for what, etc. How do they control the bleeding while your getting the others pulled out. And how does it feel when the tooth is actually being extracted?

I know I would feel better if I knew these things. Because the more I'm finding out about it, the less I'm getting freaked out. They told me they use a number of tools, but when I asked my dentist she really didn't have time to explain it. Any information at all would be wonderful. Because I haven't really heard much about having them out while you're not sedated. I just want to know the pain factor and how they actually do it. So I can prepare myself mentally for this.

Thank you so much,
Re: How does it feel to have wisdoms out w/local o

Oh, and PS- How long does this actually take?? I've heard 30 minutes or so and you're out. Which sounds almost too good to be true lol. ;D
Re: How does it feel to have wisdoms out w/local o

Hi Adrienne,

I am not a dentist, but I recently got my wisdom teeth removed, and my experience sounds similar to how yours is going to be, so I thought I'd share.

My wisdom teeth were already erupted (I had one that was a little impacted) so my dentist removed them himself without sending me to a specialist. I just had shots to numb my mouth and the whole procedure really only took maybe 45 minutes. I actually drove myself to and from the visit. When I made the appointment, I was a bit skeptical as all the stories I had heard about wisdom teeth involved sedation and having someone there to drive you and take care of you. But none of it was necessary.

In terms of pain, I did not feel any (they will do a good job of numbing you up). All I felt was a little pressure when the teeth were being removed. But nothing too unpleasant.

I will let the dentists and/or letsconnect discuss the technical side and tools used. I just wanted to let you know (as someone who's gone through it) that not all wisdom teeth experiences are awful. Good luck!

Re: How does it feel to have wisdoms out w/local o

I'm glad to hear that, thank you so much James for your input on it. I'm glad to know that it doesn't really hurt. I wonder why people always feel pressure?? Are they actually pressing down on your gums? or Pulling up?

I had 3 that have come up to the surface and one that's not really impacted, it has a tip sticking out. So, I'm not sure if you consider that still impacted, or not. If I do need stitches I will probably only need one socket done.

I know they have caused me a lot of problems so far. On memorial Day weekend, I had a horrible abscess in one wisdom tooth. The bottom right one. It had finally tore through the gums all the way, but it was really angry with me. I couldn't get a hold of my dentist or any doctor. So I had to go to the pet store and buy fish antibiotics. It did heal but the gum tissue around that area is still white and angry. In a way I can't wait for them to come out. I'm just so scared because I've never had any kind of surgery done before. So, I have no idea what it's going to be like.
Re: How does it feel to have wisdoms out w/local o

It's kind of hard to answer your question about tools, different situations need different equipment so without seeing your teeth it's hard to answer. The other problem is that all dentists have their favourite tools for extractions and not all do things the same way.

You feel pressure during extractions because contrary to popular opinion, dentists don't in fact just "pull teeth out". Normally there's a bit of pushing involved to open up the bony socket plus a bit of twisting to break the ligaments holding the teeth in.

Hope this helps, like I said, it's hard to be specific.
Re: How does it feel to have wisdoms out w/local o

Thank You Gordon,

It did help alot. All of wisdom teeth are about straight, they do angle a bit towards the back molers, but nothing is actually crooked. She showed me my xrays and I asked her if it was going to be a problem to extract any of them. And she told me they are all pretty much easy teeth. They are angled a bit towards the back molers, but not to a degree where it would be a problem to removed them.

I guess since it was hard to really be specific, maybe that's why she had a hard time explaining it to me. :p

My only concern is swolling too much blood, I know that would make me sick. There is infections going on under the teeth. I've had them erupt before. And for some reason my complexion is crap also. I keep breaking out in cysts on my face. Especially around my cheeks and temples. I'm wondering if that could be related also.

But everyone that's had the wisdom teeth pulled out with just shots, I'd be glad to hear your stories also. lol. I need as much imput as possible here. This board is great.
Re: How does it feel to have wisdoms out w/local o

Hi there! I'm new here but I thought I'd tell you about my experience. I had three wisdoms out under general and they left the 4th because it had come through and was in use. Problem was, it was not straight and messing up my other teeth so it had to come out in the end anyway. This was done under local anesthetic in the dentists office. Ther was no pain, only pressure. But you need to know about the noise or it will freak you out. You hear loud crunching because it is so close to your ear. It really is nothing...losening the tooth in the socket...but it sounds bad so just be prepared. The other thing I experienced that I wasn't prepared for was the needle on the roof of my mouth. I had a regular needle in the gum, which I couldn't feel, but then ther wa a second one that was done on the inside, more toward the roof of my mouth. It smarted a fair amount, but was over quickly. If I had been aware of these things, the procedure would have seemed like a dawdle. Like you, the more info the less fear for me. There wasn't much blood and it clotted up pretty much right away, but they had gauze there anyway so you wouldn't be able to swallow blood. When I got home, I was totaly fine and ate like normal the next day. This will probably be different for you with 4 coming out, but it was fine for me with 1.
Good luck!
Re: How does it feel to have wisdoms out w/local o

ooo yeah I forgot about the sounds. Someone has warned me about that. I wonder if they well let me bring in a Cd player or something, So I don't have to hear it as much.

Because that's a memory I wouldn't want. :confused:

I had a needle done in the roof of my mouth a few days ago when I had a filling done. She hit the nerve and it made me jump, it felt like I was being electrocuted. I wasn't expecting it but it was freaky. I'm pretty cool with the needles now. They defiantly bothered me at first. I always had a phobia of them.

But it seems I've been desensitized. So now it's no big deal. I'm just afraid of the noises and weird sensations now he he.
Re: How does it feel to have wisdoms out w/local o

Hey Adrienne,

Glad to hear you are not sweating it too much. In terms of the noise, there is a "crunching" sound (I wish there was a better way to describe it) but it is over fairly quickly. I almost always take headphones with me, but for some reason I did not for that visit. I honestly can't remember why, but it wasn't because they told me not to or anything. You may want to call the office up beforehand and ask if it would be ok for you to bring in some music.
Re: How does it feel to have wisdoms out w/local o

I had 2 Wisdom teeth removed yesterday with only freezing.I didn't believe it when my dentist said ..O'K they're out! I was like NO WAY,I was expecting the worst. Did'nt hurt a bit,just a bit of pressure.I had a total of 8 teeth removed and the easiest were the wisdoms.Hope this eases some of your fears.
Re: How does it feel to have wisdoms out w/local o

why did everyone have to have their wisdom teeth out?
Re: How does it feel to have wisdoms out w/local o

I had a wisdom tooth out when I was 17 (30 now) and I only had the local. When the dentist started I was doing alright until the twisting and bone root cracking started..and then the dentist plopped the molar out on the tray, roots, blood and all :censored:AND THAT WAS THE LAST TIME I WENT TO THE DENTIST for 8 years. :hidesbehindsofa:
So now I am going to have the rest of wisdom teeth out next month and they are going to put me under.