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How hard is it to get a second molar extracted



Former Member
I have to get my badly broken or shall i say um rotten molar extracted. Only half of its there but part of it is right at the gumline and then the other part beside it still has some tooth that you could pull on. It hurts really badly if you touch the gum area where the left over tooth is. Im so scared of getting it removed because I have anxiety and Im just nervous that they wont be able to get it out or something will happen and the left over tooth slips down my throat cause its at the very upper back of my mouth on the right side. ( I have a very small mouth so I can open as far as my mouth can go)

Im terrified :cry:


Jun 22, 2010
I am headed to the dentist to get mine removed today, I am terrified but the pain has been so intense I havent slept well in almost 2 weeks. I'll post when I get back to let you know how it went... and mine is pretty much in the same shape as yours.

Just keep reminding yourself as I am, we are doing the right thing trying to beat our fear... good health includes dental health.


Oct 23, 2010
how did it go i am having the same problems except it is on the first molar it is rotted out am scared even though every one told me it is no big thing that you feel no pain but cant get that through my head, i just want to void it altoghether but get my gum hurts where the tooth broke and the cavity is i know i have to do it dont want deep sedation but might have it due to coughing am very scared