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How is the last step of the root canal therapy?

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May 1, 2015
A few months ago I was depressed. I had 2 infected teeth, one on each side of the month, a bad dentist who hurt and made fun of me, and I all I wanted to do was to keep postponing the appointments until I could't take it anymore.

Eventually I changed dentists, and the situation is now under control.

Both teeth (molars) have been through the first step of a root canal, where the pulp is open, the nerves taken out, and the canal shaped. Both teeth have also gone through the follow-up appointment, without any anesthesia which is doing the exact same thing as the first one, to make sure there is no tissue left behind or any other problem.

According to my dentist, one of these tooth needs to finish treatment as soon as possible, because it has been on a temporary filling for over 7 months now (even though it has been replaced, it dissapears pretty quickly by eating and brushing) and it's at risk of needing an extraction.

She told me that by this stage there is absolutely nothing to worry about. If could be any pain, then it would have already shown up in the follow-up appointment which was done anesthesia-free. She told me all that is left to do is to place some cotton-like cones into the canals, which doesn't hurt at all, albeit I will feel mild discomfort because I'm going to have to keep my mouth open for 1-2 hours, with constant x-rays being taken.

Although I feel quite confident, I still need some words from someone who has gone through this before. I never did anything like this and I'm totally blind about what to expect.
Can there be any pain? Is there still a chance of a file breaking in the canal (I've heard some stories about that happening and they terrify me), and is it painful if it does? How uncomfortable is it, and can I do anything about that?

Thanks for everyone's answers!
Hi I have had a few rct's. The finishing appointment won't hurt you at all it is true what your dentist said. There will be no pain even if a file did break it wouldn't do any harm. I have a piece of file in one of my teeth, I discovered I had it when I had to have a re-treatment and it showed on an x ray. They couldn't get it out so once the tooth was cleaned along with the piece of file it just became part of the filling.

You will be fine and haven't anything to be worried about, it is very easy to say I know but I hope you can stop stressing yourself out so much about the appointment. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::butterfly: