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How long after antibiotics will infection reoccur?



Junior member
Mar 12, 2018
I want to the GP Monday with horrible pain in my teeth and face. I thought I probably had a tooth infection at first (I'm a pro with these, always have them due to my horrendously bad enamel) but over the day I couldn't pin point which tooth, they all hurt, there was no limo, no pain on pushing or pressure or eating or redness. I decided it was probably sinusitis as it started to grit alot in my ear and across my cheek and near my nose. (I have a deviated septum so I get sinus issues alot too.)

Anyway GP agreed and gave me some amoxicillin. Working a treat, fave pain gone now and teeth pain gone too. Only when I woke this morning one of my teeth was a bit more sensative.

So now I'm thinking it maybe was a tooth infection after all. I have a holiday booked 1-5 July with my kidsm and honestly I don't have the money between now and then for a root canal and crown. How long am I going to be pain free after I finish these antibiotics?

I'm worried about it flaring up while I'm away. I'll book a dentist appt for the week after I'm back. Will I be ok until then?

it Is evident from your thread that what you need is a diagnose. A dentist should be able to ease your worries once you know what the diagnose is. I talk about it in a video called “the uncertainty factor” and I believe it can help you.

If the problem is indeed bacteria related, the antibiotics should maintain the situation even for a week or two after finishing the course.

All the best