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How long before GERD (acid reflux) destroys my teeth?



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May 2, 2021
F19. I’ve been dealing with acid reflux daily for a few months now. My teeth already aren’t the best since I had fillings done in almost every tooth a few years ago. How long before GERD erodes away my enamel? I’ve been trying my best to get it under control by managing my diet and stress since medication has been no help to me. I also have great oral hygiene so I’m doing everything I can to protect my teeth. I’m already starting to accept that I’ll probably need dentures in the future.
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Hi noordinaryloves
The rate of erosion varies from person to person. It is excellent that you have great oral hygiene as that will help no end. I would definitely try and get back on some medication. Even though you may not feel like it is helping, it is probably is reducing the amount of erosion on your teeth. It's got to be worth a chat with your doctor.
You also want to consider using an toothpaste with extra high fluoride and products like Biomin and tooth mouse are helpful in protecting the enamel.