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How long can I put off wisdom teeth removal?



Junior member
May 27, 2013
Okay so I'm seventeen and my dentist said i am going to need to have my wisdom teeth removed, all four. ( I am scared to death. Literally.) she told me this about two weeks ago. Would my teeth be okay if I got them out after summer? My family has summer plans and we are gone the whole summer and my mom said if we got them out now, there might be post surgery problems and then they would intervine with travel. We are going to see our family that we haven't seen in years so its not something we can cancel. Plus it's already booked :) I'm really scared and terrified that they might cause severe problems and maybe it'll be so bad ill have to get them out where I'm going, but I don't want that because I don't really think their tools are as advanced as here. I don't even know if I'm making sense right now, that's how scared I am.
Hello Melissa213,
Sorry to hear you are worrying about your teeth...I understand how you feel about being away from home in a different town and worrying about developing teeth problems...Did the dentist tell you and your parents it was necessary to get them out right away? Can your parents call and see if you can wait till the end of summer...???I personally would wait until the end of summer if the teeth weren't bothering you...Just so you could enjoy your visit with family and not have to worry constantly about complications..But if the dentist says they need to come out as soon as possible then I would get it done and follow the dentists instructions and you should be fine...Most people feel better in a couple days ..You are young so it will probably a lot easier for you..Good luck.
:goodpost: I agree with everything lillyh has said, if you aren't in pain and having problems, I don't see why you cannot wait. Have a word with the dentist and explain. Maybe even make the appointment for when you come back.

Have a nice summer visiting your family :)
I've been putting off having mine out since I was 17, I'm 31 now. I'm no dentist, but you will probably be ok through one summer if you aren't having any pain issues right now. Safe travels!
I just had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out 6.5 days ago and I was "suppose" to have them out over 10 years ago. The dentist has been telling me that for at least 10 years or more. Up until about 6 months ago I wasn't having any trouble with them so I didn't see the point. Well I have one on the bottom that started causing me pain when I would eat anything with sugar. It got the point that I had to take Motrin or Tylenol pretty regularly. So I finally gave in and had them out. As long as they are not infected or causing you pain I don't see why you cannot wait. I would talk to your dentist or oral surgeon about it though. Have a great summer!
Best thing is ask what are the likely problems by waiting
It varies with each tooth.
Hi Melissa,

Did your dentist said exactly why you needed to get your wisdom teeth removed. There is different reasons why they have to be removed. Sometimes the wisdom teeth pushes the other teeth and then they have to be removed is quick a possible. There is no need to be worried - you will get anesthesia. I got two wisdom teeth removed last week and it didn't hurt a bit.

Good luck with your teeth :)