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How long can I wait to get this tooth crowned



Jul 3, 2022
Hi I have been posting about needing a crown for weeks now as I am very nervous about the procedure. I was due to have it done at the beginning of the month but could not go through with it. I have since been back to my dentist for a second chat about the procedure and she is now proposing (due to my stress) that we leave it just now and look at it again in a few months. What I am wondering now is it ok to do this. 2 small parts of the tooth have broken off one in 2018 and one last month but looking at the x rays there is only a tiny bit if decay under the large filling in the back third of the tooth (Please see the pics attached the second x ray shows the tooth in question it is a lower first molar. It can also been see in some of the pics). Anyway Im just looking for some input from any Dentist as to what they think.

I have also upped my oral hygenine procedures in order to control or limit the decay is it possible this will work. I now rinse my mouth out with water after every meal, brush my teeth 3 times a day instead of 2 and (once using duraphat) and rub duraphat or pronamel directly on to the tooth surfaces.

Thanks Owain


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Your dentist knows your mouth and your decay rates better than anyone else here, so if they're happy to leave it then it'll be fine.
NB changing your diet will have a far bigger effect on your decay rate than brushing your teeth will. Don't eat between meals, avoid sipping on sweet or acid drinks for prolonged periods and try to avoid sticky sweet things as far as you can.