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How long can teeth be sensitive after deep cleaning



Junior member
Jul 13, 2019
Mine have just started on one side after 12 days getting sensitive to cold drinks ...scared for the worst .. My step dad said his have been sensitive for weeks .. hope its possible scared of needing root canal or cavity.. thanks for any advice
It can last a few weeks. Use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. When I had a deep cleaning it was terrible, breathing cold air would sting. Cold water was a no-no. 2 year later now I am okay with cold drinks.
Wow thanks ... so can come and go
Wonder why last so long ?
I’m wondering the exact same thing blackey and I’ve only been having treatment for 3 weeks now... nightmare lol wanna get back to normal not having to watch what I eat (not meaning I want to eat rubbish) but not having to worry about what I eat or drink... hope yours calms down!
It only happens if I hold the cold drink in that part of mouth I can drink straight down .. but weird hope it gets back to normal ... Hope yours does to pal ..
I had scale and polish and my teeth became sensitive. That was because they scrapped the muck off and because my gums have slightly receeded it exposed nerve areas. I said why were they not sensitive before and I was told because the sensitive areas were covered with plaque and so anything hot and cold would not get a sensitive reaction. My teeth are not sensitive anymore but am due a hygenists deep clean at my new dentist so who knows what the outcome will be
Hope it goes well , yeah I was just confused cause after deep cleaning mine were not sensitive for a week now all sudden they are to cold ,, weird will see if improves ...
Been 12 days so may need few weeks
Rub some toothpaste for sensitive teeth directly onto the affected areas (and don’t rinse off). If there’s no improvement after several weeks, ask your dentist for advice.
Will this heal it or have to keep using this ?