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How long did it take you to know your dentist was the one for you

How londid it take you to know you're dentist was the for you

  • The first consultation

    Votes: 11 55.0%
  • The exam

    Votes: 2 10.0%
  • Or during a procedure

    Votes: 7 35.0%

  • Total voters
Mikey Boy

Mikey Boy

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Dec 4, 2009
Until you knew your currant dentist was the one for you until you could trust him or her I was just wondering or if you just had to get a new one sorry for the miss spelling on the poll question the question is how long did it take for you to know you're dentist was the one for you
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Re: How long did it take

This is an interesting question. I'm curious to see how other members respond. For me, it was the 3rd appointment when I had an actual procedure. I did not like my dentist at all during the first appointment which was a consultation and exam. She wasn't mean and she didn't hurt me or anything...she just wasn't real warm and friendly in my opinion...very cold and "clinical" if ya know what I mean. The second appointment she did my cleaning which was okay...I was a bit confused as to why my dentist was performing the cleaning. She was very gentle for the cleaning but I don't fear cleanings too much and was still unsure about her as she didn't seem very compassionate. Third appointment was my first filling in 10 years. I was sooo incredibly nervous and she was able to completely put me at ease and deliver painless treatment. Her demeanor and approach completely changed when she recognized I was scared to death and became much warmer, patient, and reassuring. Then I pretty much knew she was the one and she's been amazing ever since! :cloud9:
Re: How long did it take

I got you lol yea I think that's how my currant one is but I'm not sure yea I thought it was a good question too
Re: How long did it take

All three of my dentist's have won over my confidence at the first consultation due to their caring nature. As they say first impressions count. When i returned to my current dentist Miss Potter who i had seen from 1991 - 1997, the experience was a bit like meeting an old freind, she is still as caring and sympathetic as I remembered her.
Re: How long did it take

This is a good question, I have just had to change dentists as my last dentist left the practice I go to. I was suppose to see my new dentist in June, but events have taken over and I had to see him this week, I have been worried sick for weeks at the thought, my first impressions are very good and I was much calmer than I thought I would be, but I knew nothing would be done when I saw him.
I do have to have a tooth removed next week so I reserve my opinion until then whether I feel comfortable and trust him, I think it will be okay, but you never know.

So to answer you question it looks like the second appointment will seal the deal, once I know his injection technique and how he deals with my nerves. :butterfly:
Re: How long did it take

I liked my dentist from the first meeting, but it took a few appointments to feel like I 'knew' and trusted him. Same as any relationship I suppose, first impressions are of primary importance but after that things need to evolve into something more meaningful - oh that sounds :sick::ROFLMAO: So, I have voted for 'the first appointment' as I felt I was willing to give him a shot after that meeting.
Re: How long did it take

My first dentist, although I knew he was competent and he got me through 9 extractions with a mininum of discomfort, our personalities never meshed. That, and due to the fact that he didn't give me ALL my treatment options......so he DIDN'T rate.
My current dentist.......yes, basically I knew he was "the one" during the first consultation. He so warm, friendly and very down to earth. In fact, when I first met him, he DIDN'T introduce himself as "Dr. So & So", but rather by his first name. He also will give you a reassuring pat during particularly rough treatments and is fast to give a hug after those rough treatments. I am so blessed that I found him. He is a :star: in my book!!!
Re: How long did it take

I have had a number of different dentists over the years at the same practice, as some have moved to another dental practice/gone private else well, one or two have retired. some of the dentists have been more friendly and help me to calm down than others.

I think I like my current dentist, even though she tries her best to calm me down and her assistant, says my teeth are okay and not the worst she has seen. She has given me a few filings (but thankfully no root canals or teeth taken out yet) but it just the embarrassment about my teeth which I struggled with the dentist.

Do I trust the dentist. she is doing the best for me and treating any problems which come up instead of leaving it, she knows I am anxious patient and tries her best to make it painless for me.

There are only five dentists at the practice currently I am registered to. I did have to see someone else once for my standard checkup and she was very rough compared to the first time, as the dentist I usual see was away.
Re: How long did it take

I voted for 'first consultation' as when I first met my current dentist I liked him right away and his staff. I've only seen him 4 times. I've gone in for the initial consultation with exam and x-rays for the first time. The second time was just to talk about my phobia and anxiety and some about my problems and treatment. The third time was an emergency appointment for a tooth that was hurting. The fourth time was for a deep cleaning done by the hygenist.

The first time I came out of that office feeling like I'd build a tiny bit of trust was at my second appointment. I like his chair side manner. He's very gentle, patient and he touches my arm/shoulder reassuringly when he sees that I'm really anxious and fearful. It's actually something I requested. Physical contact like that helps me to feel better for some reason. They've also been very accomadating for me. They didn't laugh or comment when I took my stuffed bear and stress ball with me and held them during the appointments. I took just my stress ball to the first 2 appointments because I was self conscious at first. But now I take both my bear and stress ball to every appointment and have them in the chair with me in my hands.

I like that he checks on me throughout procedures and exams. He actually stops when I give the stop signal.
Re: How long did it take

My parents have asked me if I am scared seeing the dentist I have at the moment (who also owns the practice) see another one of dentists at the practice. I looked on the their website, and quite a few are good at dealing with nervous patients as well as the assistants.
Re: How long did it take

I would say im switching because I am moving so I'm on my 3rd dentist but its been 10years before since going I will be going to a new dentist. You need somebody that can joke and be your friend and not feel embarrassed and will try there best. Sometimes dentist just want money but others will help you out more. Being honest and open that your embarrassed about it will just make you more human. Nobody is perfect and its how we learn and try to improve on our mistakes and health. I think the problem is when if you don't listen or get a 2nd and 3rd opinion and still do nothing it becomes a serious health threat. Most dentist will spend even if its 10extra or 20mintues because there cant let a patient leave there office because its to much of a lawsuit or even there practice could be held if something where to happen if a patient leaves
Re: How long did it take

I also find it not as difficult to communicated with my current dentist, because of my disability I find it hard sometimes. I dont enjoy going to the dentist. going every three months for me :( makes me think I got bad teeth and poor oral hygeine.

I just got difficult teeth and my dentist prefers to see her more often.

I dont think I will find the right dentist for me. I only attend the dentist I am at the moment because it is closer to home (10 minute walk) having NHS cannot afford private, but parents have offer to help me if I need things like crowns etc to improve my teeth condition.

There are about five other dentists at the pratice, seen two others one, one was too rough with the cleanings, the other gentle and ease me fears when I had an abcess, she spent 20 minutes finding the problem was also concerned about one of my tooth whether that had be filled by the dentist
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