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How long did you have to take painkillers?



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Jan 24, 2014
I am having all four of my wisdom teeth removed on Monday. I was wondering how long you had to take painkillers? The reason I ask is because I am nursing and I need to stock up on milk for my little one for as long as I am on the meds. Also, I am trying to plan my menu for next week and wasn't sure how long I'd have to eat soft foods. I don't know if they are impacted or not; I don't know if that makes a difference. thanks guys!
Not sure for wisdom teeth but 7 extractions I had about 3 days of painkillers I wouldn't think you would need soft foods for long with them being at the back you can probably avoid and will naturally guard them areas anyway, hope someone can give you a better answer maybe put wisdom teeth extraction in the search and look for journals on wisdom tooth removal see how other people got on but really just want to wish you well hope it goes good :clover::clover::clover:
If those teeth are impacted (below the gum), I'd stock up on some formula. Not trying to scare you or anything, but It's day 10 after my surgery, and I just stopped taking the percocets prescribed and went over to 2 advils. I grew up on formula and turned out ok; so a couple weeks shouldn't hurt you or your baby.

My advice about something I didn't do: as soon as you come home, take a painkiller. Do not wait for pain to appear before you take pills. Do it before, because trust me the pain will come. My dentist told me the same thing. Also, make sure to ask for a nice needle-less syringe to keep the hole(s) clean from food and other nasty debris.

Good luck!
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