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How long did your root canals take to be pain free?



Dec 5, 2008
How long did it take for your root canal(s) to be pain free and not noticeable?


Junior member
Feb 2, 2011
I've had 5. The first two stopped hurting within a few days of getting the crown. Really, they felt much better after the procedure when waiting for the crown, but the temp felt "weak".

The second two occurred at the same time. I broke both teeth, both molars. Stupid story, so don't ask. One was like the other two. The other took a while longer. The dentist said it was questionable whether the other root needed the root canal, so he wanted to be conservative and see what happened. I was ok with that, but then, when in the chair, I seem to be unable to object to anything. I got both crowns put in and that second tooth still seemed a bit off, but within a few weeks, it was ok.

I just had one yesterday, and it feels much better already. But the temp still feels weak.

You have 2 roots in jaw molars and 3 roots in the upper molars, so it could be that the other root is traumatized and needing additional care. It's not an indication that they'll have to pull your tooth, but if it's still bothering you, a call to the dentist isn't out of order, will give you some options, and let you know what they think is going on. Doesn't mean you have to do anything, but getting more information is always a good step.