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How long do fillings last?



May 24, 2020
I already have one filling in my front tooth and I’m going to get the rest done in two weeks. So my four upper front teeth need fillings. I think they’re called composite fillings? I forgot to ask my dentist, how long do they last? I’m scared that one day I’m going to bite down on food and they’re going to fall off, leaving me with a broken tooth. I feel like I should carry a temporary filler emergency kit on me at all times ?
I've got some amalgam fillings in my back teeth that have lasted 45 years so far... the composites in my front teeth were put in 43 years ago, they were among the very earliest composites available on the market, my dentist was very proud of having got them... the new ones are immeasurably better in every way.

Thanks for making me feel really old :)
Thank you that makes me feel a bit more reassured about my front fillings although I think I will avoid opening things with my teeth like I used to.
That's a good idea. Your teeth are really not built for that kind of work!