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how long do fillings last?



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Dec 10, 2006
hey guys. its me again, just got back from, god willing, my last fillings. she scared me again, saying both left molars, might need root canal, but the last one dident need it, so what are the chances of these 2 needing them?

truth is, im scared, beyond comprehension. i allready cheated faith out of a root canal once on the other side, i doubt im that lucky with these two. i just dont get it. the other tooth had a rather visable cavity on its side, and it pulled through, these two teeth, just had a few spots on the top.

oh god, i just want everything to be over with, i really do! For 5 months now ive lived with this constant fear of pain in my mouth, and, ive done everything i can do, brushed religiousley, flossed, saw the dentist 4 times allready, i mean, its been a living hell of endless anxitity, fear and depression. I know ive should of taken better care of my teeth before, i regret that so much right now. i really do. i wish and prey to god almost every night for a miracle, that somehow i can reverse time and change all of this! Ive lost alot of weight being paranoid over this, i really have, and its a good thing, but the suffering im going through, esp now without food as a confort, honestly, agggh! im soaked in sweat and tears right now.

Today should be a happy day, today i completed my treatment, i did it, i set out to do these fillings and ive done them, but, now im scared i might be in for a double root canal!

will this ever end? i feel right now, ill never be able to eat and enjoy somthing again, because in the back of my mind, ill always be wondering, (will a filling break, what if this happends, what if they missed this or that) im going nuts over here.

Im sry to sound so winey, i really am. I know im anoying, i just, i hate not being in control, esp of my own body! Plus, if i need the root canal, it will take 6-8 weeks for the insurance to friggen aprove it, so, thats 8 weeks of pain!

guys, any help would be great right now. Because even though its not true, it sure as hell feels like my worse fear is coming true.
Re: gorden, pars, need ur support

Your dentist won't leave you in pain while she's waiting for the root canal to be approved. It's easy to do a quick temp "gettem outta pain" job for a few weeks.
Fillings that are done properly on patients who look after their teeth as well as you do can easily last for 30-40 yrs. I have some 35 year old fillings in my mouth which are still going strong...

The rest of your problems aren't really anything that a dentist can help you with. You have professional help that you've been using, I think you need to get it sorted out through that source.
Re: gorden, pars, need ur support

thanks man. sometimes i just feel im doomed ya know, no matter what i do
Re: gorden, pars, need ur support

But you're not doomed...you have broken the cycle...well done :jump:.....the other members of your family with their bad dental history, did not share your dedication to oral hygiene...you are still very young...I bet you'll still have all your own teeth on your (how best to phrase this?) deathbed.

I too have fillings which have lasted decades and are still going strong....one did fail about a year ago....it was replaced and again seems as good as new.

Keep chatting to your analyst as Gordon says, I think your teeth are all but sorted out..no need to worry on that score anymore.
Re: gorden, pars, need ur support

yea. im trying my hardest not to get worried about it. i really am. its all in my head, right, litterly and figurlitivy, SP?
Re: gorden, pars, need ur support

you sound so much like me! i too have had 6 new fillings done and i am so scred they are gonna break or fall out. :censored:I know that crazy but after not going to the dentist for 17 yaers and then having all this work done and feeling soooooo good about it I feel its too good to be true and something has to go wrong :thumbsup:
Re: gorden, pars, need ur support

exactley how i feel