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How long does it take to make a partial denture or implants?



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Feb 7, 2022
On the NHS I got two upper molars removed around September last year and my smile is ruined.

Luckily my mouth is small so its not hugely noticeable unless I smile so now I look miserable all the time. Anyway I got it done on the NHS and I kept asking about a partial denture but my dentist has a really strong accent and I was on a benzo for my nerves so I don't even remember what was said.

Does anyone know how long it takes for a partial denture to be completed? Or an implant at a private clinic? OR a denture at a clinic? I just want this done as quickly as possible.

I only want two teeth done, google says 3 to 6 months! Is that true? Or is that 6 months from day 1 when you get the teeth removed?

I have a job lined up in May teaching English abroad and there is no way I can do it with two missing molars.

Does it really take up to 6 months on the NHS and private? Is there anything I can do for cosmetic purposes to just hide the tooth gaps, not even for eating right now, just to fix the smile while I get my partial denture or implant?

I have an appointment next month for a filling but I'm going to call and ask when I have free time this week to see if he can start the process for a denture.

I'm currently on antidepressants, that's how miserable this has made me.

edit to add, as you can see by my location I am in the middle of nowhere in rural wales so you can imagine how hard it is to get an appointment unless I travel to England.
I am in the U.S., so not sure how it works with waiting on appointments there.
Here, when I needed a temporary partial, while waiting for an implant, it took 6 weeks to get the partial after impressions were taken. It was all planned out, from the time we knew the tooth would be extracted. The extraction was planned for after the partial would come in.

Implants are a little trickier. It may take longer, depending on whether you need bone grafting done. You would have to be evaluated to see. For upper molars, you may need a sinus lift also. That is not always necessary, though.

If your bones are good, the implant could be done, but you can’t get a crown put on until the implant has time to heal, which is usually 4 months. The implant has to fuse with the bone.

So if you want quicker, a partial is probably your best bet.
In my experience with NHS dentures, 3 to 4 weeks is more like it. Implants you will have to pay privately for and you will need deep pockets. Implants are also likely to take far longer to complete. I'm sure one of the dentists on here will be able to advise of any other options
As far as I know implants can be done even within a few weeks in some cases. Usually it takes from 3-6months as it is recommended to wait with the crown (to see if the body successfully accepts the implant). However, it's quite popular now to attach a temporary crown on the same day as the implant so that you can have a full smile much faster.
Hope it helps.