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How long does it take to remove a wisdom tooth?



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Aug 13, 2014
Once the patient's mouth is numbed, about long does it take to remove an erupted wisdom tooth?
Difficult to say for sure as there’s a lot of variation but if it’s fully erupted, in most cases it’ll be done in a couple of minutes.
I had an upper one out a couple of years ago because of infection in the gum round it. It was fully erupted. The dentist went from “do you feel anything sharp?” to “would you like to see the tooth?” in about ten seconds. I couldn’t believe how quick, easy, and completely stress-free it was. I have taken much longer, and far more effort, to open a jar of jam or screw-top wine bottle.
I had a small, impacted, extra wisdom tooth removed last summer. The surgeon had to cut into the gums to get it and it still only took 10 minutes total, including the time the surgeon took to look at the x rays.
Mine was less than a length of a song on my iPhone, so I’d say three minutes.
Did any of you have yours removed with just local anesthesia or local plus nitrous oxide?
Did any of you have yours removed with just local anesthesia or local plus nitrous oxide?

Local anesthesia (two shots) only for me. I sound brave but I’m a major dental chicken. I just started going back after a 16 year absence due to my phobia.
Mine was with local only. The injection was by far the worst part.

My appointment was 5.15, and by 5.30 I was waiting on the bus home. So between being examined, numbed, the extraction, making arrangements to pay over the phone the next day because the tills had been cashed up, going to the ladies, then walking to the bus stop it was 15 minutes all in!

My dentist slotted me in after surgery hours, and she actually sent the nurse home after the injection (I needed her to hold my hand) because it was so straight forward.