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How long should my gums bleed after a deep cleaning?



Junior member
Mar 7, 2021
It's been 4 days since my deep cleaning and my gums are still bleeding. Not just a "tinge of pink" in my saliva, two of molars are encapsulated in a clot of the blood coming from my gums around them. The clot keeps forming, but it seems like it's still bleeding despite the clot.

I have not been to a dentist since the 1990s, and last Thursday I got my first "deep cleaning" ever on the right side of my mouth. I had a bad buildup on my teeth, and I know that the gums may bleed longer for people who haven't gotten a cleaning in a while, but at what point do I need to go to a hospital?

I went back to the dentist on Friday, and him and several other employees spent an hour getting the bleeding to lessen. They then sent me to a "specialist" dentist in town who they called about me. They aid they may have nicked an artery or something about a lesion (they did not bother explaining to me what a lesion might be). When I got to the specialist, he looked in my mouth for literally 20 seconds and said I just needed to use gauze and clamp my teeth down on it. He specifically said there was "no way" it was an artery or lesion after just a cleaning.

I've been trying my best to floss and brush around the bleeding, and I've been using saltwater rinses every few hours, plus I tried a peroxide rinse and been using the prescribed mouthwash. It stopped bleeding for a few hours each day but started bleeding again--I think usually after I had laid my head down but not always (but I haven't been literally laying "down", I've been sleeping on the couch in a sitting position but with my head on a pillow).

If I go back to this dentist, he's just going to tell me to go back to the specialist, or maybe the ER (which is something I don't know if I can afford). Is that what I need to do? Or can it be normal for gums to bleed for several days after a deep cleaning? Why is it stopping for a while and then starting up again?
They're right about one thing, it's impossible to have nicked an artery during a cleaning. Are you taking any meds? Including herbal stuff?
I'd be thinking about you going to your primary care physician for some blood tests, this level of bleeding isn't normal.
No medications or herbal stuff. I had taken some Tylenol the first day but nothing since. No coffee since the day before my cleaning either.

As of this morning, it's clotted again and not bleeding, but I figure if I irritate the clot it will probably start bleeding again so I'm trying not to irritate the clot. I have several other cuts, etc on my body from various other things that have healed up just fine.

If it was something I need a blood test for, wouldn't all my wounds be taking longer to heal? Or do you mean to check for infection?
No I mean to check you've got enough platelets for your blood to clot properly.
Hi Dean,

I have also done a deep cleaning first time in my life two days ago. I was not bleeding the first day after the cleaning, but today I woke up to a mouth full of blood and blood clots around two upper teeth. I am wondering in your case, how did it heal up eventually, till when did the bleeding stop?