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How long should pain last after a deep filling?



Junior member
Mar 18, 2015
And is a root canal always required if the pain doesn't go away?


Well-known member
Jul 31, 2012
Quebec, Canada
my dentist once tell me that if it last over 2 weeks, then there is little chance it might not go away. But by "experience", sometimes it lasted up to 3-4 weeks before it decided to calm down...

If you have insurance for root canal treatment, then you should go ahead, especially if it's a molar with 3 or 4 canals...

i remember when i got this feeling for the first time (after 2 deep fillings, 1 on each molar, 1 beside the other, around Jan.2013 i think), about 5 months later (in June), that pain lasted for about 1 week or so. Though it always felt better when i went to sleep.

Lately in January 2015 i wasn't able to tolerate the pain anymore (the tooth nerve's vitality just got worse with time i guess), but i didn't wanted to lose the molar, and i'm not insured for root canal (i remember the dentist suggesting me a "thicker amalgam to absorb more heat and cold before it get to the nerve, but at this point i think it was useless)...so i had to pay for it (in monthly payments for 12 months). Though eventually i'll have to do something about that other molar...that depend if i get a job i think, if not and this molar is bothering me way too much someday, i'll get it removed.

I think you need to be careful of what you're eating and drinking right now, not too cold, not too hot, even check yourself when you drink water, try to drink warmer water now. If the nerve settle down, you should be more careful about hot and cold stuff. For now try to take anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, or generic ones) or Naproxen (Aleve, or the generic kind), try to take those when you want to try to ease the pain, but not all the time, since many pharmacist would tell you that those things can be bad for you if taken for a long period of time.

At beginning, the pain shouldn't last more than a week, sometimes a few days. So for now, try to take it easy for cold and hot stuff, especially on that tooth...