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How long to drink?



Junior member
Sep 15, 2015
Hi all.

I've just had quite a large filling done on my back molar, the anesthetic hasn't yet worn off fully but I'm already in pain. My dentist is now closed, so I can't get in touch with anyone to ask directly. The filling is white, and the dentist said something about it releasing fluoride, so I'm not sure what type of filling it is, but how long do I have to wait to drink? I'm dying to take painkillers, but I'm scared to even take a sip of water in case it somehow interrupts the hardening of the filling, as I don't think any blue light was used...

Any advice would be hugely appreciated. Thanks.
I am not a dentist but if you need to take some pain meds you will be fine. Just don't have any drinks that are too hot, warm is fine, as is cold.

Don't eat anything too hard until tomorrow. I would eat on the other side just to be safe.

I hope you feel better soon.