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How long to get used to front crowns?



Junior member
Oct 7, 2022
I just had completely cosmetic smile design for my front upper 4 teeth (all porcelain five directional 3d scanned computer milled with 10 year warranty) despite my severe phobia of dentists (I couldnt pass the opportunity to get it for literally 1/10 the price in Canada (Im currently in India) and I never smiled in photos my whole life due to small mouth and crowding overlapping of front teeth. I also had one discolored. I love the visible results despite the personal trauma (I still struggle with dental appointments and always refuse local anesthetic and always use sedation) This time sedation was an issue because its not really available here and even triazolam oral meds are not available so they gave me Xanax which did nothing. I remember all the drilling and felt all of it as usually the sedation allows me to block it out. So it was a bit traumatizing. So it was a big step for me to do this but viewed it as something I was doing for myself for my self confidence.

My question is however, with front upper crowns how long does it take to get used to the feeling of them? Obviously they are straighter and feel different on the inside of my lip like slightly larger) but since they used a single bridged crown for all 4 for more strength (since I clench my jaw at night) it currently feels like I am wearing a bite plate (minus the palate part) or invisalign or something similar from the back, how it feels to my tongue anyway. And even though my husband says he cant tell at all, I feel like my pronounciation of S is affected.

Im about a week in. Loving the look! I finally smiled in a photo and posted on FB and got a ton of positive comments saying I looked beautiful etc and nobody could figure out what was different! Or that I had never posted a smile pic with teeth showing before...ever.

But Inworry, did I make a mistake essentially grinding down perfectly healthy teeth for purely cosmetic reasons? I'm 47 now if it matters. They said even though the crowns are warrantied for 10 years some people get 20 or even 30 out of them if they take care of them. And even then its fairly easy to replace them as the teeth were healthy with no fillings etc underneath. And will I ever get used to the feeling of them so they feel normal instead of feeling like I am wearing some snap in aligner or something?
Sorry, really can't say without examining you. As a sort of answer, if you've not noticed an improvement in about 2 weeks then you'll probably be needing some adjustments to the work.