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How long until antibiotics reduce pain (infection)?



Junior member
Jul 26, 2007
awesome site, I am so glad I found it.

ok, first, I broke a piece off of one of my molars, it's infected, and I am hurting from my ear down to my throat, and over to my front teeth. I was at the dentist yesterday, got a prescription for Penicillin that I started yesterday morning.

How long will it take to take some of the pain away, I am taking Motrin 400mg and it's barely touching it.

Second, would it be best to go in asap after the infection is gone to get the tooth removed (no root canal for me thanks) or can it wait for my appointment on the 17th of aug??
Re: Infection/pain question

Hi. :) and welcome! ;D

Antibiotics should really make a difference within 24-48hrs from starting the course.

Providing you are not in pain you could wait for the next appointment, if still in pain I would go back sooner.

Hope that helps.

Pars :)
Re: Infection/pain question

Thank you. I am doing better today. Thank God. I don't want to go back untill I have to (the least amout of trips the better)
I have put off dealing with my teeth for way to long, other than emergancy appointments to get really bad one's pulled, my appointment on the 17th will be my first in over 15 years. I have totaly ruined my teeth by being scarred and now think that the only hope of a pain free mouth is to get them all pulled and get dentures. :cry: (and that is scarry too!)
Re: Infection/pain question

Well, look at it this way. Your killing the infection right now, but, ur not closing the "wound" so to say, of the tooth, so its like, a temperary fix at the moment. If the tooth got infected once, it will most likely get infected again, and will continue to do so, inless u get the treatment you need done.

I mean, once u get the root canal (im assuming, based on what info u told me) done and completed properly, your not going to get another infection in that tooth, because, u sealed off the source of were the infection could go.

As for your other teeth, dont worry about them. Im 24, and i thought years of not brushing, and flossing, and drinking DIET soda (the worse thing for your teeth next to pure acid and drug use) that i would loose half of my teeth, and it turns out all i needed was a few fillings. So, dont count all your teeth as goners just yet. You might be suprised how little work that might actuley need being done.

Yes, i know its scary. Dentist got a bad rap as being painful and sometimes, yes, it is, but, its not the middle ages. If a dentist feels as if somthing he does is going to cause you pain, he should do everything possable to make it as pain free as possable.

And if u get dentures, so what? Its a one shot deal. Look on the bright side, you'll never have another toothache again! Plus, most dental care from then one should be real simple. "hey looks like u have a cavity " (pops out dentures and gives them to the dentist) "Ill be back in a half an hour to pick them up", lol. Hell, sometimes i wish i had dentures, i wouldent be so obsessed with tooth care like i am now, lol