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How long would it take to replace a slightly crumbling temporary filling?



Junior member
Jul 22, 2021
Hi all. So I have a severe dental fear to the point of panic attacks and I also have a bad gag reflex, alongside other anxiety disorders. I have a temp filling in my second molar that needs to be replaced and I am absolutely terrified of getting it done. Getting the initial drilling in March led to me having a panic attack and then not being able to finish so they put the temp filling in. I feel so restricted being forced to lie down, and the dentist lady was very rude, and she stuck a bite block in my mouth making me feel like I was choking and going to gag. I absolutely cannot deal with another bite block, I will probably pass out. That fear was god awful. So I guess my question is, is this possible to get the temp filling done without a bite block, and how long are we looking at in terms of length of the procedure? What exactly would they have to do?

Thanks in advance <3
First go and find a different dentist. No excuse for that kind of behaviour.

Your question isn't really possible to answer without a lot more information I'm afraid.
No worries! Yeah, I definitely need to find a new dentist. She was very unkind and broke a tooth I needed a root canal on and now it's unfixable, and I'll need an implant. I went to a dental school so I could afford the procedures.