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How much enamel loss at this rate? - Bruxism



Junior member
Nov 25, 2018
Hello, I clench/grind my teeth at night. Usually I wear my night guard, but I forget to wear it around 2-4 times a month. I'm just wondering how much enamel loss is occurring with these few nights of not wearing a night guard. I'm extremely afraid of getting short teeth, and I want to preserve my teeth for as long as possible until I get old. I'm 18 so my teeth are fairly healthy, but I can see that a couple of my molars are already a little worn down (don't know if this is from before I started wearing my night guard). Am I being dramatic or can a single night of grinding wear away micrometers of enamel?
I am a massive clencher, and I think you will be fine missing the odd night. Enamel is very hard. I was told by my dentist not to wear my guard for a week due to mouth ulcers, and also after having a crown fitted which meant it didn’t fit properly so I had to get a new one made. It was all okay!

Would having a night time routine help you remember? I charge my toothbrush in the kitchen, so about half an hour before bed I move it to the bathroom. I clean my night guard at the same time, and leave it on the side of the bathroom sink. As soon as I finish brushing my teeth, I put the guard in. No matter how tired I am, it is just part of my bedtime routine. I feel weird if I don’t wear the guard!