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How much local will be used for multiple tooth extractions?



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Nov 27, 2009
I believe I have an abscess and I am on Amoxicillin for 7 days bUT the soonest my dentist can do the extractions is Dec. 29th.

They are extracting 3 teeth: two molars on left (top and bottom) and one on my right (bottom). I'm wondering if they will use just one carpule or so, to block the whole nerve on each side, or are they going to shoot me up bigtime all over the place? I'm really worried about this.

Also if it is not too much trouble to answer, I am worried about my infection between the time I end my Amox in 7 days, and the surgery which is a month away. I hope I will be okay. I would just get a second round of A/Bs if it got bad again, right??

Thanks so much for your help. I'm really terrified. petrified. horrified. I can't even describe it!
It depends on the situation. In principle, each tooth you mentioned should receive a carpule (three), but it is also doable with only two.
Regarding antibiotics, I assume it was given due to a pain complain. Most likely you will not need to take another course of antibiotics unless there are indications for that, like severe pain. :censored:
Thank you. I would prefer to have less than three. My biggest fear in dentistry is the medication contained in the local anesthetics. Even without the Epi I still get heart palpitations and nervousness...
Your concern is understandable and healthy, after all it is better to avoid foreign materials. You should be aware though that the most of it does not spread in your body but stays locally in the injection sight, until it gets metabolized away.:thumbsup:
I did not know that it didn't absorb into the bloodstream until after the numbed area was not numb anymore. That's interesting, thank you Dr. Daniel. Is that right? That it gets metabolized after the numb feeling wears off??
Thanks again! :jump:
During the administration of the local anesthesia, a small minimal amount does go to the blood stream (or the lymph system which is even better).
THe majority stays in the tissue and after its effect there are two ways to metabolize it. There are two families of local, each one metabolized differently: the Esthers, who get metabolized by an enzyme (pseudocholinesterases ) which is spread all over our body, in the bloodstream and outside it. The second family is the amino family which gradually makes its way through the lymph system and a the blood stream to the liver and get metabolized there.
If you will take a blood test during that time you will see an extremely low concentration of these materials. :jump: