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How much pain is Normal After a root canal?



Junior member
Jul 10, 2020
I had my root canal 5 days ago. I would have hoped for the pain to start easing but its not, its still sore when i make my teeth touch. Ive been on pain relief since last week which does take the edge off the pain.
Im not sure if i should be getting concerned at this point.
Any advice will be really appreciated as I am
Worrying like mad :(
Some after pain is normal, it's hard to quantify what "some" means though, sorry!
If you take some mild pain relief does that fix it for a while? Any sensitivity to hot or cold?
Was a permanent filling put in on top of the root canal or is still in a temp?
Pain relief does work for now thankfully, it does take the edge off things.
No sensitivity to hot or cold at the moment.
My root canal completed in 2 1/2 hours and an Onlay was used.
Just incase anyone is in a similar situation, i thought id keep on updating.
Ive been to the dentist today, was told the onlay maybe high, so it was filed down.
Still sore but have been told to give it time to settle.