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How much pain is normal?



Junior member
Jul 17, 2014
Ok, let me state this is the second cavity I have ever had filled. The first cavity I had filled was 5 or so years ago, and I hardly remember a thing about it! My last dentist visit I was told I needed a filling on my upper tooth, the one closest to the back. It was not causing any pain, but it needed to be filled to nip the problem at the bud I guess. I went in to have it filled. They numbed me up the first time, and that was fine. However, they started drilling and I started crying because it hurt so much. They decided I wasn't numb enough so they numbed me several more times until I couldn't feel half of my face. They finished drilling the cavity after this and all was fine. The numbness wore off about 7 hours later, and I started to have severe pain in my jaw. The tooth and the surrounding tissue doesn't hurt at all. I decided it was normal and took ibuprofen to fix the pain. Taking 1 or 2 ibuprofen is enough to take my pain away. However, if I forget to take my ibuprofen, my pain skyrockets out of control. My lower jaw is in stabbing pain and it aches terribly. It's been a month today since I had that filling, and I'm still in pain if I forget ibuprofen. I have no tooth hot or cold sensitivity, and no tooth pain at all. I went in to the dentist 2 weeks ago and they said if ibuprofen can take my pain away, it must not be too bad. It's been a month of pain now... Is this normal? :shame: I'm thinking maybe a nerve was hit or something...