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How quickly does a broken tooth have to be fixed?



Mar 1, 2007
I yet again broke a tooth last night. My inner part of the tooth broke out to the gum line, I think its a pre molar or the tooth before that.it broke at a slant to the gumline so nearly half the tooth is gone. now strange enough the inner pulp of the tooth is not exposed.
So my question is is since the pulp/root is not exposed and there is no pain is this something i can wait on to get pulled? I have no money for the dentist and i am at my benefits maximum and kinda need to wait on this till january but the fear of abcessing haunts me. Is it ok to wait on this? I am scared and did not sleep last night. I need advise.
I know sometimes this can wait for ever. some people have a broken tooth for years before it has probalems and then some people need it out asap.



Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Re: Questions on infections, broken tooth etc...

Well, if you can't afford to have it seen to, then let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope it holds out for you. If it doesn't hurt then you may as well wait until you can afford to have it sorted, it's not going to make much difference to the eventual treatment by waiting for a bit.