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How should a flipper fit?



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Jul 19, 2009
Miami, Fl
Flippers are a popular option to temporarily replace a missing tooth or two. They are made out of a plastic which the dentist can easily adjust by adding or subtracting. They allow you you to eat and drink. They do NOT allow you you to bite off food with them. If you bit with the tooth on the flipper it will rotate down in the back.

So how should it feel?

It should fit and be slightly snug. If too loose the dentist can add a little acrylic to help it engage into the undercuts of your other teeth. You may also use a little denture adhesive.

When you bite down all of your teeth should touch. Usually the dentist has to adjust off a little of the plastic until your teeth touch.

After wearing it you may get a sore spot from excessive pressure so you call the office(surgery) and get in for a brief adjustment. It may take a few appointments. be sure and go in when it is sore. It is a mistake to have a sore spot and then not wear it for three days and then go in. Mouths heals fast and the dentist won't know where the pressure is.

Other temporary options include an Essix retainer. This is a pressured clear plastic that holds in a replacement tooth. It goes over all the teeth. Nice in that nothing is on the palate BUT you can't eat or drink anything but plain water. I call them party teeth as they are only good for social and not function. They can made in the office quickly.