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How to clean crowns?



Nov 8, 2022
England UK
Does anyone have any good links to sites that advise how to clean around crowns?

Can I use my electric toothbrush on it? I have a temporary on currently will get my perm in two weeks

Should I floss? I use interdental brushes too should I carry on using them?

Anything I shouldn’t do? I’m scared to chew on it at the minute as I haven’t used that side of my mouth for nearly a year now due to a lot of work on that side so any info on what to eat/what not to eat on them temp or otherwise would be grand too

Thanks in advance!
Hi :)

I've just had my crowns fitted from a childhood accident! I didn't use an electric toothbrush on the temps as I read online it was better not to. I ended up having my temps on for a months so about two weeks in I cleaned the rest of my teeth with an electric and the two crowns with a manual. This is just because I don't feel like a manual is enough but is a personal preference!

I flossed as normal but it was one unit so I couldn't do in between the teeth. This was fine but a little sensitive.

I had my permanents fitted Tuesday and asked the dentist about moving forward. They just told me to clean as I normally did and floss as I normally do. All has been fine and no issues. It is a little strange at first but I've gotten use to it already and had no issues.

I hope this answers some of your questions
As FrankieDoug said, permanent crowns should be cleaned like normal teeth.

Temporary crowns can also be cleaned like normal teeth, except in the case of floss: when you're finished flossing between the crown and the neighbouring tooth, you should let go of one end of the floss and pull it out from the side rather than trying to bring the floss back up between the teeth (as this might potentially dislodge a temporary crown). Probably a lot better and easier to use interdental brushes (TePes), and I think that's what most dentists would recommend nowadays, in the UK at least.

An electric toothbrush shouldn't be any problem whatsoever :)