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How to cope with fear of appointment and partial denture



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Jan 16, 2019
Im a highly sensitive person with anxiety disorders and phobia of losing control.
I have to have two teeth removed next Thursday and an acrylic denture put in straight away. One tooth is my front tooth. The denture will have 5 teeth in it, including my canines that were removed when l was a kid.
I had a denture before but could never get used to it. Could never eat or drink with it so have lived with gaps in my mouth for years. Now l have no choice. I can't go without a front tooth.
I dont know how to manage the dentist appointment and the aftermath of having a partial denture...forever (implants not an option).
Anyone have any tips or thoughts please. Thank you.
@RustyRebecca can I ask how you lost some of your teeth? Have you thought about looking online for free help with implants as there are schemes out there that pay the costs for you. Also try talking to your GP and explain how your feeling about the dentures and they may be able to help you
@Kml1998 Hi there. My parents decided to go along with a dentist when l was 14 and have my canines removed because they were apparently growing too big. They'd never do that today. As a result, l has my baby teeth for years, untl they got loose and had them removed and had a bridge. But this twisted my front teeth, hence my bad front tooth. The other two are also because of the impact of this poor decision many years ago.
I dont believe we have any schemes here for implants in the UK and l would need bone grafts too. I have no choice but to have a denture, at least initially.
My GP just says to talk to my dentist...
@RustyRebecca the only thing I can think of (short of implants) would be to switch to a cobalt chrome denture after a few months, once the gums have settled down. They are much much thinner and less obtrusive than the acrylic ones. Have you had a chance to talk to your dentist about the different options?

@Kml1998 I hadn't heard about these funding options either - to the best of my knowledge, the NHS only funds implants in very specific circumstances such as some oral cancers and similar... where did you come across these free schemes?
@letsconnect Thank you. Yes l have spoken quite a bit to my dentist. I asked for a flexible denture but the technician refused to make one, saying they break easily. And the cobalt chrome one, l have to wait about six months apparently. Or thereabouts.
Being highly sensitive myself (to anything touch-related), I get where you're coming from... it's a difficult one :(. We do have some information on getting used to dentures here on the website and forum so maybe some of the tips there may be of use:

It's worth keeping in mind that immediate dentures are always a best guess, and sometimes the lab gets lucky and at other times they don't, so be prepared to go back to your dentist a good few times to make sure they fit as well as possible...