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How to know if my gums are as thin as i think they are



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Nov 5, 2014
I am not sure if my gums are as thin as i think they are or if it's psychological. Should I ask my dentist this at my appointment next week?. I have autism so I see things in a different way.
It also feels like my teeth are loose when they aren't and my teeth look very small and a yellow colour
I don't really understand what you're asking, can you rephrase it for me?
My gums look very thin and i'm not sure if they are as thin as i think they are. If that makes sense.
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Here is a picture. please zoom in to have a closer look.


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Nope. Still don't understand, old age on my part, sorry. Might be best if you leave it till you've seen the dentist, then follow up here if there's something you want clarified?
Whatever is wrong with your gums, it's not going to be an issue in the next month or so.
Can't tell from that photo. Sorry.
Can you tell from this photo?. The room is brighter. Please zoom in to have a closer look.


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I still don't know what you mean when you say you think your gums are "thin".

And I can't tell you anything useful about them from that photo either, sorry!
You can't tell about pockets from any kind of photo, needs a dentist/hygienist to physically measure them.
Doesn't look like there's a lot of recession going on from that photo.