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how to stop the worry?



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Jan 14, 2016
i'm going for my yearly dental cleaning on Tuesday, i'm trying to remain calm but inside i'm afraid what they will find on the xrays- i have two crowns and always seem to need at least 1-4 fillings, last year it was 4, 2 the dentist missed last year and i asked about two other teeth i felt some pain in and had to have them filled! I am worried one of my crowns' has something wrong with it, feels normal but afew months back i had some pain that went away after afew days, but that could've been from my sinuses, that side of my cheek seems to always be inflammed/ post nasal drip which gets worse in the fall and spring. I also get abit nervous about my cleaning esp. as this time i have a new hygenist, the nice one i've had for 10 years left last month.:( How do i deal with worrying there is something wrong? I also have added stress this year as i found out my cat is stage 4 kidney disease, she is doing well for now but that could change at any time, so that is also adding to my worries and anxiety. I also have acid reflux which has worsened due to stress and when i asked my dentist about it, she didn't tell me how to help my teeth from getting worse? She was a bit useless so did my own research, shouldn't a dentist help you with this problem? I would switch dentists but i'm on income assistance and they don't charge me extra for cleanings or fillings, which many dentists' in my area would and some don't even take people on income assistance, which is very wrong!
@nutzforcats I deal with a lot of anticipatory anxiety too. What works for me is telling myself not to go to far with overthinking, planning, and catastrophizing (aka imagining the worst), and being aware I have a tendency to be prone to doing those things. I try to distract myself from those thoughts, maybe by getting busy, or doing something distracting. I like the 54321 coping technique and box breathing when I am feeling really stressed and anxious. I also like telling myself that I will feel a lot better when the appointment is over, and I will have the information and knowledge of what is going on, so I will be clear on things, and won't have to worry or imagine things any more. I had two cats with kidney failure, I know how that is. Mine both lived fine with it for years, they got prescription food from the vet and we gave them subcutaneous fluids (under the skin) at home, and they lived a long time, and died from other causes in their late teens. It can be manageable sometimes, I hope you can find a good way to manage it for your cat too. I personally think I would try a doctor if I wanted someone to help with acid reflux and protecting the teeth. Maybe Dr. Gordon could advise about that in the ask a dentist forum, though.
thank you for the reply. I like to think of the worst so when I get the news and it's not, it's just more of a relief, but of course if it is the worst, then it's still bad. I have come up with ideas if it is the worst (sedation which would mean going to another dentist if i do need a root canal, so that is me trying to be in control. my cat is doing well with her fluids and food so I am trying to remind myself worrying is not needed now, wait until something happens. I know i should deal with the reflux esp. if i have more cavities but it's just one more thing to deal with and that is overwhelming right now, plus the meds. for acid reflux can cause other issues, which is why i didn't ask my dr. about it. I am just trying to remain calm, get it done and then deal with what needs doing- i will tell the dentist what i can do now and ask if what needs to be done can wait, and that makes me feel in control, but i'm hoping for not much needs doing and i can move on from that.
I like your idea of staying calm, getting things done, and then dealing with things when you know what is needed. I hope not much needs doing right now too, and I like your plan of how to deal with the dentist. I'm glad your cat is doing well now. Hopefully tomorrow goes well, I will think positive thoughts, and feel free to update how it goes if you feel like it.
well, i made it through, but i do have one thing that needs doing, a new crown as one of mine has space where bacteria can get into- i only had it done 5 years ago and now of course it costs $1400! i am not happy i need it replaced - have to go through this again soo soon and the price is outrageous! I am thankful it's not a root canal or i have an infection or cavity but have booked it for May 9th- i am searching around for a better price but doubt i will in the area i live in.:( At least no fillings, although now i wish i did need that done- at least that is covered and no extra cost! I do have a chip on one filling but it can wait and a tiny chip on a tooth (found that last year) so it can wait and no issues with both. Luckily I can find the money but there should be a way to get a discount esp. when you are struggling financially.:( I'm emailing and will phone acouple to see but the lowest seems to be $1400 and will also find out next week if i can apply for more funding as i'm on disability.
Well its good you are all done, but too bad you have to get a new crown, I suppose at least you don't have anything else going on. The price is rough, I do wish there were better and more affordable options, dentistry is so expensive. Good luck finding more funding, hope that works out!
thanks, i now am worrying about how they will get the old crown off and how long it will take, i don't know if it's best to go to my dentist or find a more experienced dentist and one who may be able to get the crown off with a laser,if i can find one, i am asking at a local dentist on tues. about that.