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How to tell if a filling needs to be replaced?



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May 15, 2013
How do I tell if a filling needs to be replaced?

I have an upper molar that is not sensitive to hot or cold. It has an old composite filling that on x-ray looks dark under it almost like there is an underlayment but there is not. The toooth seems a little sensitive to sweat things but not extremely. A month or two ago I got a tooth next to it re-filled MOD because anything sweet was downright painful. The filling in that one was a 6 year old composite as is this one. That pain to sweat is at least reduced, so I think it was a success.

That said it once feltlike a I was brushing inside the current tooth that sometimes bothers me. That got better. I bought a Water Pick to supplement and when I was spraying non-alcoholic mouthwash (I.e. Crest) and I got to that tooth it felt like I hit it with a dental drill (not really but instant 9 out of 10). At any rate I lowered the pressure and tried a few times with just warm water and it hurt but not as much.

I think it is somewhat improved, but it still hurts when Ali hit that one interproximal space.

I bring floss with me for trapped food, brush at work at least once often twice. At home after flossing I Water Pick, then I spend 45ish seconds brushing my gums and tongue with mouthwash. Then I switch to my Sensodyne /w Potassium-Nitrate and brush my teeth with a Sonic toothbrush for two minutes spitting not rinsing for maybe 5 minutes. That is when I take a shower. Sometimes I grab the brush and then apply some staneous Floride a Sensodyne and let it dwell for about5 more minutes. Lastly I use Gum Brand Perio Guard at night.

At this point my gums are healthy pink with very little inflammation. There is not a drop of blood.

I just have that one tender spot to the Water Pick. Do you think it best I get that filling re-done? It is not a large filling, but it is also a 6 year old composite put in at the same time as the other one that feels better having been replaced.


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Oct 25, 2005
Honestly there is no way to tell without examining you, sorry.