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How worried should I be?



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Oct 22, 2022
Thank you so much for this forum: Going to the dentist makes me extremely anxious, (due to past experience), and I’d really prefer to forget all about this completely painless white bump in my mouth.

However, I’m a little worried that it may be sinister.

I describe it as a ‘bump’ because that’s what it feels like – a painless, fairly hard, bump below one of my lower right premolars. However, visually, it doesn’t really resemble an isolated lump because the white extends downwards towards the floor of my mouth.

How worried should I be? Can I safely ignore it?

I should, perhaps, mention that I foolishly chewed on some very hard toffee a few days before I first noticed the bump, so it could be that the swelling appeared as a result of the stress I placed on my teeth.

Thank you for reading!


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Gordon, you‘re right - it does! Thank you SO much - I’m deeply grateful and will sleep better tonight!