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Howdy Newbie here!!



Junior member
Jul 18, 2018
Hi there Guys and Gals

Im Jen 23 from Australia, i came across this board while googling various things about dentures..i had all my teeth yeah 28 (yikes) pulled out yesterday and got an immediate denture placed in, so far things i guess are going as well as they could be...bit of pain today i think the dentures are starting to rub, calling my dentist tomorow to see if i can have them adjusted a little..but anyway ill find the appropriate sections to post about that shortly just wanted to introduce myself!!
Welcome Almabonner27,

You are in the right spot for great support through the journey..! I know it has been for me. I only have partial on bottom but if can be of any help am here to support you too! its an adjustment ..
Good to hear that all went well with your extractions and the recovery so far.. Hope you can get used to the dentures very soon. The FAQ on getting used to dentures here on the side is superb, I'm sure you will find it helpful.

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