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Huh, whats wrong now?



Junior member
Jun 1, 2018
So, I went today to try my bridge and see if all fits, but it didnt, my dentist to be honest used force to put it on not sure why, and now my second molar bleeds like insane for no reason, the tooth was not bleeding at the dentist or even after, it came random like 30-40 minutes ago, it cant stop to bleed, Im not sure if he broke the tooth maybe? But he would have seen that, when I touch the top of the tooth it feels like flesh, tomorrow I was supposed to get my perm bridge, but I doubt that he can do it now with this mess... :(:(:(

HOw are you doing with your permanant bridge today? did you get it on? how are you feeling. and sorry about the forcing on of that.. ugh.. anyways.. hope things are looking better today!