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i’m deathly afraid of being put under for wisdom teeth surgery



Junior member
Jan 10, 2021
hi, i’m 16 and i’ve been having some jaw pain recently and i’m worried i might have to get a wisdom tooth removed. i have a really specific, unexplainable fear of being put under. i’m very scared of needles, but getting a vaccine is something i can handle, i could possibly even handle getting blood taken. my fear of general anesthesia is just me being terrified of things being injected into me that will change my state of consciousness, and the gas option is honestly even worse. i’ve never had any type of surgery and the thought of getting injected with something that will make me fall asleep is so horrifying it makes me want to vomit. i’m not scared about not waking up or anything, no statistics or facts will help/have helped so far. i have severe anxiety and ocd. my only hope with thinking about the surgery is the fact that i’ve heard about a sedation pill that would honestly be a dream come true. i’m fine with swallowing pills as i take a fairly big pill every night and have been taking multiple pills daily for years. being able to take a sedation pill or even something that could completely calm my nerves before injection would help me so much, my question is is this possible? would dentists in canada (ontario specifically) give me only the sedation pill with no injections whatsoever? if not, is it possible for me to receive a pill that would completely calm me down so i’d basically be high out of my mind during the injection? that would be my only hope with not freaking out and experiencing the worst anxiety my body could handle during being put under.
Hi strawbaby, I was wondering whether you know that your wisdom teeth needs to come out or whether you are just thinking they may? Also, it is not necessary to be put under for wisdom teeth, you can do it also with local anesthetic, like any other dental work. This is a good option if sedation is what scares you.

We have a good article about oral sedation (pills) here: